Saturday, 22 June 2013

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Real Hair Extensions Guide

For many women, nearly all of us dream of beautiful long hair. I've heard many women complain that their hair does not grow as fast as they want, or even when he grows up, he does not look as good as they hoped.
Now you do not have to wait, ask yourself years ago with long hair. Hair extensions can do for you.

I bought a few new few days and I love the feeling of walking with beautiful long hair. But you are probably afraid of how "fake hair" look and I do not blame you, we even see celebrities on the red carpet with hair extensions that you can tell from a mile that n were not her own hair.

I do not call myself an expert, but I know little about hair extensions after using for a long time. The first and most important step that many women, is not the combination of colors.

It does not matter how difficult it is, you need a color that corresponds to 99% of your real hair, otherwise see the mission fail.
Second, if the setting hair extension, make sure to put it right. It takes practice until you can put hair extension itself.
And third, do not touch all the time. I know it is difficult, O, I, as I put for the first time remember, I wanted to touch every second of five years, but if you do, there is a chance for them to fall if we do not want the happen.

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