Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Indian Fashion Designers - who reign The Fashion World

From big cities to quaint villages glamorous in smaller spaces , fashion lives everywhere . Some places shine with the pride of the city -esque , others with their roots still attached to traditions. Fashion lives, grows and with it grow - responsible fashion designers .

From small shows of the festival university Lakme Fashion Week , many designers have since emerged and are now in the top league , chasing , showing Indian fashion globally and building a chain of stores.
Here is a list of top fashion designers of India who rule the world :

Manish Malhotra :
Today, his name is synonymous with style in Hindi films . He revolutionized the world of fashion in Bollywood by envisioning a 'look' for the character. His term as a costume designer has seen him clothe most of the leading actresses in the film industry . At the height of his success , Manish Malhotra decided to branch into the design of the mainstream in 1998 with his high-profile couture store Reverie - Manish Malhotra.

Tarun Tahiliani:
One of the most famous fashion designers in India. He acquired a degree from the Fashion Institute of Technology , New York and brought a revolution in the field by opening the first store in India, 'Ensemble ' .

Rohit Bal :
Titled as "Master of Fabric and Fantasy India ' the , sense of aesthetics Rohit Bal is finely polished , and each of his creations is handcrafted to perfection, with meticulous attention to detail. whether their boutiques or collections in Week Lakme Fashion , everything is cooked to perfection. since villages where local craftsmen weave dreams with magic fingers to the opulent grandeur of boutiques and glitzy shopping malls in the best places in the large cities , Rohit Bal can lead one to the doors of discovery, and he has the key .

Ritu Beri :

His designs have become a highlight in Delhi , Mumbai , Bangalore , USA , London and Paris . Line of ready - to-wear Ritu Beri is an impressive couture collection that had the French media raving about her. She is a fashion designer whose collection of principles made ​​it big internationally.

Ritu Kumar:
One of the earliest and reputed among fashionistas diva Ritu Kumar has developed a unique style of his own . Her designs reflect the ancient traditions of Indian craftsmanship in a contemporary way . Ritu Kumar has been designing the wardrobes of the three winning Miss India, for their participation in International Beauty pageants (Miss Universe , Miss World and Miss Asia Pacific respectively. )

Rina Dhaka:
Rina Dhaka is one of the leading designers of India who stormed the fashion world in the 80s . She is among the creative and innovative designers.

She is best known for her theme collections - sheer trousers , crochet and knit , wool and spider web motifs .

Exclusive Look From Headwear

Headwear is the most important fashion accessory for men. It is more general and easier to use for most people product. From kids to TEEN everyone loves to wear hat . Using the most common cap fascination among all regardless of age . Children do not forget to take their hats with them while playing outside even teenagers don forget to take it. People love to use several colors that have to be neon , black clay-colored or normal. They love to experiment with their looks relating to their hats .

There are different types of headwear , but among them are very famous snapback caps . The concept of this type of tapas came from sports. Previously , athletes used to wear this type of headwear to play. But today there are many new styles improvising on this accessory. It has become very attractive. Moreover, various entries being made in this thing. Another thing , most important of this accessory is that it is very cheap . If anyone wants to add more style quotient in your closet think many accessories , which are costly . But this limit is so easy to pocket anyone can afford .

Headwear is something that is available in most places. But with the advent of the Internet , there are several online stores that offer great ranges including hats and snapbacks are hot cakes . Sitting at home someone can sort this . There are lots of designs ; friction as hats and neon colors , attractive listed caps , vintage and retro snake skin . This snake skin retro is very popular. The front of the cover is designed as snake skin and gives it a modern look with a vintage touch . Most importantly, this type of headwear is that it is designed so that everyone can feel comfortable after wearing it. The hat is made of cotton , polyester . And seamlessly stitching ensures durability . Another thing that this accessory is a bit flat top side make sure it fits properly . And it comes with various sizes like small, medium, large, extra large and double extra large.
Not only children and adolescents but also many people who are much more adult like to use this type of accessory. It represents this type of headwear to add some different fashion statement . Whenever this particular type of fashion accessory comes in concern is one thing that comes first is that this headwear has a special component that brings a hip- hop, anyone look cool . Not only for fashion but also for other area , this accessory has an important role . In summer people can not imagine going outside without his cap.

So with lots of benefits and these components attractive style of this type of head accessory is no longer limited in the sport that has taken a step in the field of fashion. Every day the customer of this headgear is getting older , as it is very cheaper than other materials style.